Making a Lifestyle Change – 7 Lessons Learned After a Year of HIIT

This weekend marks 12 months since I made a life-style change to consist of ordinary HIIT workout routines into my weekly recurring. All of it started on Black Friday of the remaining yr while the Bodyboss approach was having a sale on their 12-week HIIT application.

And even though I finished that application a long time ago, I have persisted to include other HIIT exercises into my habit and always exercise 5 days every week.

This is the primary time that I’ve stayed constant for a complete year! In case you’re trying to make a life-style trade, right here are seven matters I’ve learned within the beyond one year which has helped me make the trade and stick to it.

1. You don’t need the “perfect body” to be happy

I don’t say this due to the fact I’ve what I consider a perfect frame. It’s because I don’t, even after a year of committed exercising. (And what is an ideal frame besides? It’s more than a bit subjective!)

You could do loads of ab bikes each week and still have a soft tummy. At some point, you need to take a moment to ponder why being match is crucial to you.

My garments match higher, I have extra power, and my body is more potent and more healthy than it’s ever been before. That is what makes me happy and comfy in my very own skin. Being healthful is how exercise makes you happy.

2. Regular exercise pays off everywhere else in your life

The mood increase on my own is reason enough to exercise. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With every passing week of exercise, you’ll revel in greater motivation, extra self-assurance, greater strength, (including mental energy), and a greater potential – and preference – to push the envelope on your non-public boom.

No longer to mention you’re less likely to catch that nasty cold that’s going around, and also you’ll get the better best sleep at night time.

Speak of sleep…

3. Sleep is more important than you probably think it is

In the past, I’ve failed to paste to a fitness recurring due to the fact I was too worn-out to get my butt out of bed while the alarm went off. Or if I did make it out of bed, I might be cranky and tired via 10 am.

If you’re doing early a.M. Exercises, the most effective manner to make it paintings for a long time is to ensure you are getting enough sleep. I’m able to pressure this enough!

4. HIIT can actually be enjoyable

Stay with me proper here. Certain, there are despite the fact that days as soon as I enjoy like a HIIT exercising has kicked my butt. But there’s some component so first-rate approximately it. It’s tough to provide a reason for, but consider it as an obtained flavor.

It’s just like the first time you eat an olive. You’re like, “Ugh, that is briny and bizarre tasting!” but then you definitely strive it a couple of extra instances and your mind makes a decision it likes olives. Next trouble, you’re yearning for them.

And you’ve emerged as an olive-consuming device.

This is much like how I revel in about HIIT, and that I don’t count on I’m on my own. Our our our bodies are made to transport, it without a doubt takes a chunk being used too!

5. Take a break from exercise when you need it

There have been some times when I needed to take a spoil from a workout for a week or. It’s now not the stop of the world, and it doesn’t imply you’re going to backslide into a couch potato.

Breaks from exercise are still a part of your healthful way of life change. In reality, breaks simply help you get healthier.

So whether it’s due to the fact you pulled a muscle or you want to appear after your intellectual health, taking the occasional wreck from exercise is a need.

Seeking to exercise at times when you should be resting isn’t wholesome.

6. A balanced diet is what works for you 

I recently wrote a whole submit about this subject matter but it’s well worth revisiting. Your weight-reduction plan is your weight loss plan, no person else’s. You can literally drive yourself loopy looking to keep up with all the modern-day weight-loss program trends, or you can craft your personal sustainable food plan.

Mine has bread in it. Maybe yours does too, or perhaps it doesn’t. Either way, it’s okay!

I’m now not pronouncing you could eat a group of crap every day and nevertheless be healthy and/or lose weight. But there’s no need to get remarkably strict approximately your food plan to be wholesome.

Sustainability is the name of the game.

I loosely track energy, try to put a focus on protein, and stick with meals that aren’t overly processed. However, I’ll also have the occasional cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera and all is properly with the world. 😉

7. You can achieve way more than you think

A regular workout habitual taught me that I’m capable of plenty greater than I idea. For years I might by no means strive HIIT or strength schooling because it looked sincerely difficult and that I felt like I’d subsequently just surrender besides, so why begin?

How I modified that angle changed into partly from just making up my thoughts to do it, but the other part changed into locating an established habit to comply with. However, following via and proving to myself that I could stay with it in reality built up my self-assurance.

It made me marvel at what else I could attain if I simply tried. (Like starting a blog and growing my freelance writing commercial enterprise!)

Exercising fills you with motivation and ideas because it enables you to realize that you’re brimming with untapped capacity!

Before and after my lifestyle change

I’ve been meaning to publish a “before and after” picture of my way of life exchange for a while, however, it’s been hard finding a decent “before” image. (basically, because I wasn’t a lot into taking “selfies” whilst I was out of shape.) I

Did begin taking development photographs when I began HIIT training last year, but with the aid of that point, I’d already lost ten kilos from taking walks and counting steps.
Then I went via a few old holiday pictures the alternative day and turned into surprised by how exclusive I regarded. (And not simply because of the terrible dye-task.) full disclosure, there’s over two years between the left photo and the right, which I just took this morning.

I wasn’t at my heaviest yet in the left photograph, however, there are nonetheless over 15 lbs difference among the earlier than and after:

Weight reduction and health are set creating a way of life trade, and your progress is something you notice slowly over a long period of time. At the least, that’s the way it was in my case.

The alternate will simplest appear if you’re consistent. And you could only be regular in case your recurring is sustainable for the lengthy-term!

Have you made a way of life trade or are looking to make one? What are your struggles or successes? Shout out inside the comments!


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