4 Resistance Band Moves To Tone Your Butt

If you need to tone your glutes, you can already be doing squats, lunges, or other bodyweight moves. However, if you really want to construct a better butt, you have to be the use resistance bands. I’m a massive fan of resistance bands because they’re clean to apply at home, the workplace, or on the street. Bands provide equal advantages to other resistance equipment without being massive and heavy. Even higher, bands can offer extra muscle recruitment because you may use more than one muscle group immediately. In case you want to raise and company up your bottom, attempt these 4 resistance band actions that work your glutes.

The Resistance Band Butt Workout

How do you pick an appropriate resistance band? You must reach moderate to most muscle fatigue among 15-20 repetitions. If your band is just too easy, you’ll understand. If it’s too hard, you gained’t have the ability to finish the overall range of movement. In case you’re new to resistance bands, I’d advocate this C9 consolation Grip Resistance Band from goal! The handles are padded and the resistance stage is notable for novices to intermediate.

Let’s get to the workout! For each of the 4 moves below, perform 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions of each, 3-5 days a week. Give this workout a try and “Bottoms Up!”

Basic Squat

Stand on the resistance band with feet hip-width apart, holding band behind the rear of your arms. Slowly lower into a seated position, pushing your glutes behind you and putting the weight into your heels. Now even as slowly, begin to return to starting position ensuring to squeeze your buns as you come up. Keep your abdominals tight throughout the move and your spine long; don’t bend forward.

Lunge With Bonus Bicep Curl

Place the ball of your proper foot at the band while maintaining the handles in the front of your thighs; palms up. Step the ball of the left foot at the back of you retaining the heel off the floor. Slowly lower the back knee down till the front knee paperwork a ninety-diploma angle. Now press via the front heel whilst lifting your body again up to the beginning position. Maintain the spine tall during the flow. BONUS: As you decrease down, carry out a bicep curl with the band. Do lunges on every side.


Stand with the balls of each toe at the band approximately hip-distance aside. Retaining your abdominals tight and backbone lengthy, hinge slightly forward. Bend your elbows and keep the handles close to your body. Keeping your torso instantly, slowly lower down accomplishing handles of the band toward the ground. Once your back is parallel with the floor, squeeze your glutes and hamstrings as you come back to the beginning role.

Straight Leg Glute Squeeze

Place the middle of your feet at the band, hip-width apart, and hold the handles subsequent for your hip bones. Stand tall, tighten your abdominals and press your right leg out diagonally in the back of you retaining your leg immediately. Press via the out of doors of your heel. Press numerous instances on the right leg and then transfer to the left. Or exchange legs!

Are you a resistance band fan? What are your favorite moves? Share below!


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