9 Best Workout Tips for Double the Weight Loss

Hot workouts today are completely changing the way we think about fitness.  We've rounded up the best workout tips to help you hit your weight loss goals!

Hot workouts today are completely changing the way we think about fitness.  We've rounded up the best workout tips to help you hit your weight loss goals!

Hot workouts today are completely changing the way we think about fitness.

We have gathered the best workout tips that are guaranteed to push you towards your weight loss goals!

Training has evolved.

There are so many new exercise choices you can try to achieve your fitness goal.

There is no longer an excuse not to engage in an activity because there is surely one that will suit you and help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for short but high intensity workouts, there is circuit training.

If you want to build lean muscle and muscle, planaforma might be right for you.

If the goal is to lose overall weight and train all of your muscles while engaging the core, HIT (high intensity training) might be what you need.

There is so much to try, you just need to be bold and go for it.

Working alone is not enough.

They say it takes 10% activity and 90% nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 9 tips we can give you to maximize the effects of that new routine you’re trying.

1. More representatives please

The tendency for muscle development has changed.

It was believed that in order to lose fat and gain muscle in certain areas of your body, you need to increase the weight you lift.

This is no longer the case.

Many newer programs incorporate lifting lighter weights, but having more repetitions in the movement.

This allows you to build endurance and strain your muscles, allowing you to build it up and burn stored fat.

Barre is a program that follows this concept and the feedback we have had is phenomenal.

Try it out and see for yourself the impact on your body.

2. Low impact but high intensity

Yes there is a difference.

Many new movements practiced are low impact but high intensity.

How is it possible?

Low impact simply means that the exercise places little or no strain on your ligaments and tendons, reducing the risk of possible injury.

However, the movements are of high intensity because they fully engage the muscles.

Holding a position for a long period of time or repeating a pose several times causes a jerk in the part which then leads to fat burning and muscle building.

Many basic workouts can be categorized this way.

3. Small wins are big

Be kind to yourself.

Remember that with each victory you get closer to your goal and you get stronger.

You probably didn’t even imagine yourself achieving what you have today. So look back and celebrate how far we’ve come.

Having this mindset allows us to stay positive and want to do more.

It keeps us moving forward and becomes the engine we need to work harder and move forward.

Keep your mind strong and the body will follow suit.

4. Be aware of the message

Mindfulness is the hot new thing in healthy body and mind, and for good reason.

It encourages you to be present in the moment and listen to the message that your body is trying to send to you.

By practicing this while you train, you gain a better understanding of your body.

It teaches you how to hold poses the right way and allows you to push yourself to do better.

You learn what you limit and you go there every time.

5. Have a health slogan

It pays to have a motto that you can remember when training is more difficult than expected.

When the pain starts to intensify and you feel like you can do 1 more rep, think about your health slogan and let it push you to finish.

Believe me, it is more efficient than you might think.

6. Eat nutritious meals

When you exercise regularly, your body burns your stored fat and the food you eat for fuel.

You need to replenish it regularly to stay healthy and strong for your next session.

Eat lean meat, fruits and vegetables, and good carbohydrates as part of your regular diet.

These foods not only give you the nutrients you need, but they also help you burn more calories.

Eat the right food when you exercise to increase the benefits it brings to your body.

7. Love your carbs

To keep yourself energized throughout your workout, eat complex carbohydrates a few hours before your workout.

Most people remove this from their diet altogether, but it’s not really beneficial for you.

Incorporating the right carbohydrates into your daily diet is extremely important for anyone who is physically active and preparing to conquer an intense workout.

Carbohydrates are slowly burned by the body and can therefore support you longer.

Take brown bread or a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and see the difference.

8. Get enough rest

Eight hours of sleep every night is crucial for a healthy, toned body.

Yes, the age-old myth that not getting enough sleep helps you lose weight is wrong.

This is because you tend to get your energy from food, which causes you to eat more.

When you sleep, your body rebuilds and recovers giving you the energy you need for the day ahead.

Keep in mind that when you exercise, you tear muscles; and, your periods of rest are when it builds up and gets stronger.

Good sleep and healthy eating habits can promote health and weight loss better than anything else.

9. Use your body weight

Gone are the days when heavy lifting was the only technique for gaining muscle mass.

There are many new exercise programs that encourage you to use your actual body mass to build muscle.

Some very effective movements include the plank, squats, lunges, and even burpees.

All of them encourage you to use your own strength and already trained muscles to develop further.

Not only are they more effective, but they are also considered to be safer in the long run.

The body has enough pounds to help you reach your goal.

Use it effectively and you will see results in no time.

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